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Children's Eye Exams and Vision Rehabilitation in Kelowna

Dr. Sophia Capo, OD, FAAO, brings unique expertise to her practice that she’s eager to share. She’s lectured around the world and completed an accredited residency in pediatrics and vision therapy. With this extensive hands-on training and knowledge, Dr. Capo is excited to share her unique set of skills with the Okanagan area.

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Dr. Sophia Capo, O.D.

Dr. Sophia Capo, O.D.

Dr. Sophia Capo is passionate about optimizing visual function. She is a Residency-Trained Optometrist. This means she completed an additional year of specialized training in pediatrics and vision rehabilitation.

Dr. Capo completed her Doctor of Optometry degree at the University of Waterloo and then her residency at the Michigan College of Optometry. Following her residency, she was awarded the Terrance Ingraham Award for Excellence in Pediatric Optometry.
Her dedication to evidence-based pediatric and rehabilitative optometry led her to complete her Fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry. Dr. Capo has also completed additional education courses, regularly conducts research, and has lectured internationally.

Dr. Capo was born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario, but she currently loves calling Kelowna her new home. You’ll find her hiking or skiing in the mountains when she’s not in the office.

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What We Do

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We're here to help your little one protect their sight for years to come. Look out for your kid's life-long vision with early eye care.

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When the brain experiences trauma, visual processing may be disrupted. Specialized Vision Therapy treatment can help with your recovery.

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Daily tasks can be difficult for a person with low vision. With a low vision assessment and function solutions you can still live your best life.

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Vision therapy uses evidenced-based solutions & personalized care to improve visual function. Find out if your child's vision is working as it should.